Joni McKeown

Support Staff

Originally from upstate New York, Joni McKeown has lived in various parts of the country, but now calls Nashville her home, along with her husband Robert McKeown at The Spring House – a UpS Botanical Sanctuary and Urban Farm. Joni is a licensed massage therapist (LMT), a registered Daoist stone medicine practitioner (RSMP-III) with the Stone Medicine Guild, an Associate Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild, and a certified Permaculture Design Consultant (PDC).

Joni loves that acupuncture helps to bring the body back in balance, allowing it to return to a state of emotional and physical well being. She enjoys being part of a caring team at Encircle, and work together with her colleagues to bring wellness to everyone who comes to the clinic.

She’s passionate about educating others about ways that they can create sustainable environments where they live, by reconnecting with nature, growing their own food, and saving seeds for the changing world we live in. She is also a visual artist and singer. On her days off, she loves to research just about anything.

Fun Facts

favorite self care practice: 

Walking barefoot in my garden and getting my hands in the dirt or playing my gongs

Favorite beverage: 

What would you bring on a deserted island? 

Paper and pencil