Kara Kennard

Support Staff

When she’s not greeting patients at the Encircle front desk, Kara Kennard works as an an elementary school teacher, helping students in pre-K thru 5th grade to build self-regulation skills and strategies through breath and movement. The Encircle environment is the perfect complement to her busy days at school, and she loves our inclusive, welcoming approach to healthcare. “I love the way Encircle advocates for equity in and access to wellness. So much of healthcare and wellness has become exclusionary. From patients to employees, Encircle is such a bright light in community care.” 

Kara appreciates that acupuncture provides multidimensional healing, and gives her space to rest and reflect. She says, “There is so much bustle and urgency in my day-to-day. Acupuncture provides me with the time and space to be still and quiet. It is within that time of pause that I can deeply rejuvenate and re-energize.”

On her days off, you’ll find Kara taking long walks, doing hot yoga, going swimming, spending time with family, and exploring all the good food that Nashville offers. 

Fun Facts

life goals: 
Completing a triathlon

what would you take on a deserted island? 
A journal and a pen

Guilty pleasure: 
French fries