Sarah Button

Support Staff

Sarah Button is Encircle’s Front Desk Manager and keeps all of our front desk operations running smoothly. She really enjoys helping patients during the check-in process; she says it’s a very small but pivotal first step of receiving treatment. She loves seeing patients showing up for themselves and their health and wellbeing, and the added bonus of getting to see patients’ progress and relief over time. She loves the calming environment at Encircle, and being surrounded by patients and practitioners who are guided and led by wellbeing.

When asked what she enjoys about acupuncture, she says, “I love the opportunity to take care of myself in a way that I wouldn’t ordinarily, acupuncture really downshifts the nervous system and reminds the body/mind/spirit of its incredible ability to heal.”

Sarah has a BA degree in film and digital media production, and is currently studying herbalism and would like to start learning how to weld! On her days off, she loves hiking and super long walks where she can get lost in her own thoughts. She also enjoys riding her bike, cooking, and trying her hand at making herbal tinctures and remedies. 

Fun Facts

favorite self care practice: 
Taking a ritual bath with candles and incense, reading a book and going right to bed afterwards

Favorite beverage: 
Matcha tea

hidden talent: 
I can bend my legs behind my head!