Sandra Durhamohr

Support Staff

When Sandra came to Encircle, she found a healthy, supportive work environment that she loves. She served as our Operations Manager for several years while completing her master’s degree in counseling. She now manages Encircle’s social media accounts, and enjoys working with a team dedicated to helping patients heal. “Our team is amazing!” 

Growing up right here in Nashville, Sandra has always loved the outdoors. She and her family spent every summer of her childhood in the Adirondacks. Thankful for the perspective those summers gave her, Sandra enjoys getting out in nature to decompress. It’s not surprising that her childhood aspiration was to be a gardener. 

Sandra and her artist husband Timothy are new parents and love spending family time with their dog and baby. 

Fun Facts

Favorite self-care practice: 
Being in nature

what would you take on a deserted island? 
Netflix and Trader Joe’s